Dr. Watkins is currently starting a new practice with the New Mexico Pain Center in Santa Fe, NM. He previously was with the New Mexico Bone & Joint Institute practicing Interventional Pain Management in Southern New Mexico.

His experience includes Chief of Pain Management and Deputy Chief of Anesthesia at TCRHCC in Arizona. He is a board-certified accomplished Anesthesiologist and Interventional Pain Management specialist with a broad range of technical and clinical expertise mastering both complex pain management and implant surgery. This perspective provides him with the insight and experience to identify the most appropriate and effective methods of treating a full variety of spinal and neuropathic pain conditions.

Dr. Watkins earned degrees in Psychology and Biology at UNLV where he also completed requirements for medical school matriculation. After graduation Dr. Watkins completed his studies in Medicine at the University of Nevada Reno 1988. He was fortunate to have trained at UCLA in General Surgery and Anesthesiology and remained at UCLA/VA Medical Center as faculty and professor. He went into private practice after six years and was a founder of multi-disciplinary pain management centers in the Los Angeles area.

His resume includes extensive experience in the Neurosurgical treatment of pain and medical management of pain conditions. 

Dr. Watkins remains a leader in the state of New Mexico in advanced sophisticated interventional pain management.

John V. Watkins, M.D.

Pain Management Physician