Why Choose Us?

Why our services are best suited to meet your needs

Welcome to New Mexico Pain Center!

To help relieve your pain, New Mexico Pain Center offers a large variety of interventional pain procedures to supplement your medical management and therapy. If you suffer from neck, low back, joint, or even cancer pain, our specialists may have treatment options for you. All pain procedures are performed by physicians who are Fellowship trained in Pain Management optimizing your chances of treatment success.

"Choosing a pain physician is more important than just a search on Google. You want a physician who is knowledgeable, experienced, and someone you can trust."
Dr. Eduardo Vazquez

Convenience & Availability

Located throughout the beautiful state of New Mexico, we are conveniently located in areas near you.

On-Site Laboratory

Using the latest scientific technology, our laboratory provides precise, timely services that are convenient to you.

Pain Management

We use cutting edge therapy and the most advanced interventional pain techniques to help reduce and in some cases eliminate your pain.

One-Stop Care

We strive to provide all the amenities available "under one roof". At New Mexico Pain Center, we offer services you may need - doctor visits, laboratory testing, minimally invasive procedures.

Many Viewpoints

Our providers collaborate as team members. At New Mexico Pain Center, you don't get just one expert opinion, you get multiple. This means you can rest assured we will develop the best treatment plan for your recovery.

Convenience & Availability

We accept almost all insurances. We strive to have you scheduled within 24 hours.

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