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1. By signing this application, I authorize El Paso Pain Center, PA, and any of it’s subsidiaries, to conduct investigations, including verification of my prior employment and education. I authorize all schools I have attended and employers I have worked for to release all relevant information about me. I agree to hold any party, including El Paso Pain Center, PA, and any of it’s subsidiaries, harmless of any Claims of Liability resulting from these investigations related to the information herein provided.

2. If an offer of employment is made to me, it is conditioned on, among other things: A. My ability to produce documentation establishing both my identity and employment authorization as required by law, and my completion of the employment verification form designated by the Immigration and Naturalization Service; B. My meeting the minimum age requirements of applicable law. (This applies to applicants under the age 18); C. My passing a drug test conducted by an independent laboratory selected by El Paso Pain Center, PA, or any of it’s subsidiaries. I understand that a negative drug test is a requirement of this offer of employment and hereby agree to waive any and all claims arising from the taking of or results of the drug test.

3. This application, any handbooks, policies, practices, procedures or an offer of employment do not individually or collectively constitute a contract of employment or guarantee of employment for any specific term. Employment with El Paso Pain Center, PA, and any of it’s subsidiaries, is at-will, which means that my employment can be terminated at any time by El Paso Pain Center, PA, and of El Paso Pain Center PA’s subsidiaries, or by me, without cause or notice.

4. I represent and agree that no obligation owed to another party would prevent me from accepting employment with El Paso Pain Center, PA, or any of it’s subsidiaries. I further represent that no business or technical information which I know to be confidential, proprietary or private has been submitted in connection with my employment.

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